Gabriel's Profile
Birth date:  10/05/77
Birth place:  Paris
Place of residence: Fontenay sous Bois

Height:  1m76
Weight: 73 kgs
Activities:   playing music (guitar), biology studies
Trainers:  Pierre Trente, Li Ping, Diana Sckotnica, Annick Gailhaguet
Physical Trainer:  Mustapha Aakik
Choreographers: Martial Jaffredo 


Type of music:  most types except rap and techno
Music groups:  Led Zeppelin, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Noir Désir, Radio Head, Sigur Ros and Sonic Youth
Joseph Arthur, Saez, Nick Drake, Stephan Eicher and PJ Harvey
Actor:  Ewan Mc Gregor,
Films: The Crow, Trainspotting, Petit meurtre entres amis (Shallow Grave), 2001
Producer:   Tim Burton, David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick
TV: X-Files, Friends, Urgence
Literature:  Science fiction, especially Franck Herbert (Dune), Isaav Asimov (Foundation), Robert Silverberg, Stanislas Lem.    Also, more French books  Djian, Vian, Vialatte...

Color:Dark colors, (blue harms, carmine...) or the pastels (water green...)
Food: all food in general except seafood, natural things (not especially bio!),

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