Interview:  September 2001
This interview was carried out right before the beginning of the season, in order to enable you to better know and appreciate this talented skater.

Euroskaters :  When did you start skating?
Gabriel : I started skating when I was around five years old and more seriously when I was nine. 

E : Why did you start?
G : I started because my older brother and sister were skating in the rink that had been built just in front of our apartment.

E : Does anyone else in your family skate?
G : My older sister and brother used to skate for fun.

E : Did you ever try pairs or dance?
G : I never tried pairs or dance.

E : How old were you when you landed your first triple and which one?
G : I think it was the triple salchow and I was either eleven or twelve.

E : Have you done a quad?
G : I can land a quad toe, but not regularly in my training.  I landed it once in a competition but with a touch down (in the French masters in October 2000).

E : Who is your current coach? How long have you been with the coach?
G : I have a "team" of coaches and I am with them for more than fourteen years.  I continue to work with all of them:  Pierre Trente, A Gailhaguet, Diane Sckotnicka, Li Ping.  For outside the ice, Mustapha Aakik. 

E : Who does your choreography?
G : For the past year, my choreographer has been Martial Jaffredo.   (He was a French ice dance, skated in Europeans, Worlds and Olympics).

E : Do you do any of your choreography?
G : Sometimes I will do the choreography for my exhibitions, but not for competitive programs.

E : How do you pick your programs for the year?
G : I listen to a lot of music and then suggest them to my choreographer and then to my coach, or they suggest one to me and we decide together.

E : What kind of music do you like to skate to?
G : Most of the time I like to skate to dark, sad  or deep music, that's where I feel the best. However, I think I have to change this year because I want to discover something else in the music and in me.

E : What is your short and long program music?

G : I won't change my free for the next year, so it is the soundtrack of the movie "Dracula". I have not decided yet for the short program.

E : What is your favorite jump?
G : Don't really have a favorite jump. I can say that my least favorite is the Lutz. 

E : What is your most difficult combination?
G : Triple axel/triple toe 

E : What combinations do you use in the long and short?
G : Normally I should use triple axel/triple toe. 

E : Do you plan any more difficult elements for next season?
G : I would like to be able to land the quad toe regularly and also work on a quad salchow.

E : What are your goals in competitive skating?
G : As usual, I fight against myself.   My goal is to skate at my best level and more if possible.

E : Do you plan to skate professionally?
G : I don't imagine my life in ice skating finish around 26 year old.  I wish I could skate as long as I like it.  Moreover, I'll probably try to skate in professional after my amature career ends.

E : Do you want to coach or do choreography for other skaters?
G : Being a coach is not what I always wanted to do.   But I don't know if I'll be able to leave the ice rinks when I stop skating.  I would also like to be a choreographer but I think I don't have the necessary imagination for this kind of work.

E : Who are your favorite skaters and why? 

G : i think one of my favorite skater was Petr Barna. Even if he were not one of the best skater of his generation, I think I like his rigor in the gesture, in the jumps and in the choreography.

E : Do you play other sports?
G : I don't play any other sports.

E : What are your hobbies?
G : I play some guitar...

E : Do you like to travel?  What is your favorite destination?
G :  I like to travel very much.  For the moment, I did not have of it really have an occasion apart from  ice-skating.  I enjoyed travelling to South Korea in 1997 for the World Universiade.  It was my first voyage in Asia and really a very new world for me! 

E : Where do you like to go on holiday? 
G : I like to go where there is much place and where few people go. No places in particular, but  calm places, almost deserted.

E : What do you study at the University?

G : I study biology.

E : What do you prefer to receive when people send things to you on the ice? 
G : I like all that they have desire for sending to me. Nothing in particular. 

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